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If you have registered to present a talk, you will need to pre-record your talk and submit it to us by 11:59pm on Sunday, February 14.

All talks must be submitted as .mp4 video files.
You can make a PowerPoint slideshow (or equivalent) as you typically would, and then recording yourself presenting it using Zoom.
Your talk must not go any longer than either 3 minutes or 12 minutes– we will be being strict about talk time limits to keep things on schedule.

How to Record Your Talk Using Zoom:

  1. Create your PowerPoint slideshow (or equivalent).
  2. Open a Zoom meeting, with just you in the meeting.
  3. Share your screen, displaying your slideshow. Make sure it shows up the way you want it to (ie. not in Presenter View). We suggest that you turn your video on while presenting, and make sure that your video is visible before you start recording, since we want to see all of your lovely faces!
  4. To start recording: in the Zoom menu bar, click “More” and then click “Record on this computer”. As soon as you click this button Zoom will start your recording, so make sure that you’re ready to go.
  5. Once you’re finished your talk, click “Stop recording” on the Zoom menu bar.
  6. When you end the recording, the file will automatically save to your computer with a name like “double_click_to_convert_xx.zoom”. Now end the Zoom meeting, and your file should be automatically converted into a .mp4 file. If your file doesn’t automatically format itself, find the .zoom file and double-click on it, this should convert the file into a .mp4 format.
  7. Rename your file using the following file-naming convention: LastName_FirstInitial.mp4
  8. To submit your final talk, please upload it to the shared Google Drive folder. The link to this folder will be sent to all presenters in an email.
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